Erik grew up in Detroit, Michigan. His educational background includes Southern Methodist University, Oberlin College (BA, Government), the University of Denver College of Law, and the University of Colorado (MA, Curriculum and Development).  In his first career, he managed a commodity trading firm for a major Chicago brokerage firm and was a national sales leader.  He traded on the floor of a Chicago commodity exchange.

When his sons were born, Erik moved into his second career, teaching. He taught English, math, science, and civics over a twenty year career. Additionally, he coached numerous sports as well as debate and forensics. Erik was a teacher of the year in one of the nation’s most prestigious school districts.

Now in his third career, Erik brings his unique experiences to empower teachers to change. He has worked with school districts teaching teachers about speaking skills and about 21st Century learners. He has worked with private and public schools as a consultant on two topics: teaching oral communication and showing non-tech-savvy teachers practical ways to use technology in the classroom. He has worked with schools and districts in the United States and Mexico. Erik has presented at state, regional, and national conferences of organizations such as the A+ Educators Common Core Conference, the Colorado Language Arts Society, the National Middle School Association, the Colorado Council for the Social Studies, ASCD, the Educational Records Bureau, the American Schools of Mexico, IRA, and Colorado Marketing Educators. He has given keynote speeches to many organizations as well as school districts. Erik is the author of several articles and two books, Teaching Speaking (2010) and Well Spoken: Teaching Speaking to All Students (Stenhouse Publishers, 2011). His new book, Digitally Speaking, will be out in the summer of 2012

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