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Four Ways to Prepare Students for the Future

To make students’ futures better, we need to consider what skills they will need—and teach them. If we really want to prepare students for life beyond school, we could begin by asking ourselves what pieces of our own education we are using now as … Continue reading

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Evaluating Speaking

Look around your building. You will see students speaking, sometimes informally, sometimes formally. Sometimes teachers grade those speaking assignments. Now look closely at the rubrics and score sheets that are being used. Each one is unique. No two teachers have … Continue reading

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Don’t Follow Your Dreams

Almost time for the new school year. We’ll all go back to our classrooms and tell students to follow their dreams. Never quit! You can be anything you dream of being!!! Except… A dream is a regular idea with a … Continue reading

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Teaching Speaking, the Forgotten Language Art

Nobody exactly knows. This is what I find out when I ask teachers, “What are the skills involved in effective oral communication?” I mean, we all have some ideas, but no one knows for sure what is really involved. It’s an … Continue reading

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