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The #1 language art is speaking. By far. I'm committed to promoting the teaching of oral communication in all of its forms.

Giving Little Kids Voice

Speaking Activities for Early Elementary School Students In a previous post, we looked at speaking activities for middle and high school students ( I noted that there are many speaking activity suggestions available online for teachers who want to encourage … Continue reading

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Shortchanging Speaking

A student turns in this paper: many people think that we should not have ginetticly modifyed foods we could be having health problems in the future if we eat them, Some studys say that they cause cancer. we should pass … Continue reading

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Don’t hit record! Don’t make that podcast! Don’t turn on the Zoom mic! Don’t Flipgrid! First…

Fourth graders are learning about the Reconstruction. The teacher wants to test out his new green screen tools. He has students speak and posts the video on YouTube. A huge problem: he is so focused on the tech tool that … Continue reading

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But what about the introverts?

I get this question a lot when I do workshops. In my presentations, I point out that speaking well will benefit all students for their entire lives; I share a framework that makes the complex art of oral communication simple … Continue reading

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100 English Teachers Walk Into a Bar

Originally published in California English          One hundred English teachers walk into a bar. One by one, the bartender asks them why they became English teachers. The first one says, “I love poetry! I write poetry and … Continue reading

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Speaking NOT “Public Speaking”: Why The Difference Matters

I want all students to become better speakers. Every time I say that I get a response like “Oh yes, public speaking is so important!” I really dislike that response. Let me explain. The words have a terrible connotation. “Public … Continue reading

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What’s it gonna be this year?

Inevitably, there is some new initiative, some new program being introduced. If you have taught for a while, you have seen many of these come and go. Maybe last year was the year they introduced the new reading program that … Continue reading

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Don’t Follow Your Dreams

Dreams have a mystique in America. Teachers tell students to follow their dreams. Friends encourage each other: Go for it! Never quit! You can be anything you dream of being!!! Except… A dream is a regular idea with a fancy … Continue reading

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Never make a slide like this.

I show people how to be more effective oral communicators. Part of that job is to make the complex simple. What does it take to deliver a talk well? What are the essential skills? How can those skills be condensed … Continue reading

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Ready for the Real World

Read “Speaking Out” from Educational Leadership May 2022 issue Or click here.

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